Our Classes

Preschool Gymnastics

We offer two types of preschool classes with a very diferent approach in each.

SUPERSTARS is a basic parent & child style class where we encourage parents to get involved, join in with the warm up and assist their children around a circuit of equipment, under the guidance of our qualified coaching staff. The class is suitable for young ones as soon as they start walking, right up until they start school. As well as learning how to roll, balance, jump and swing we also have activities they can engage in to encourage counting, colour sorting and other key stages of preschool development.

Our other preschool class is MEGASTARS, this is an advanced class which children wouldn't normally start in until age 3, although undividual development is more important when deciding if this class is right than age. In this class parents/carers sit at the side of class and watch while coaches guide the children through a group warm up. We then teach gymnastics skills either in small groups, or using a small circuit consisting of coach led stations as well as drill stations our little gymnasts can do unaided.

Recreational & Squad Gymnastics

Our gymnastics classes for school aged children are grouped in age, we do offer a few mixed age classes that siblings are able to attend together.

MILKY WAYS is for school years R to Year 2.

COMETS is for school years 3-6.

SOLAR FLARES is fro school years 7+.

During our classes our gymnasts will learn a range of skills on floor, beam, vault and bars. We have a comprehensive skills checklist the children follow to ensure they develop their skills safely, and using the correct techniques. As they complete each level they are rewarded with badges & certificates.

We also offer the opportunity to join our pre team squad, who we hope will be ready to start competing next year.


I'm sure many of you are unfamiliar with cheerleading, or will immediately have thought pom poms or Dallas cowgirls style I right? This is definitely not what we do! We teach All-Star cheerleading which is a mix of gymnastic tumbling, dance, jumps and stunts; where they lift each other up into the air, hold some pretty impressive stretch shapes and get thrown high up into the air. Its a very demanding team sport, and great fun. We offer both recreational classes in Cheerleading, as well as our competitive teams which this year will compete a number of times at regional and national level.

Tumble Classes

Tumbling is purely floor based gymnastics. Our beginners learn everything from how to forward roll correctly right up to how to do a walkover. Our advanced class picks up from here and takes the tumbling to the air, introducing flips and tucks, and then adding twists. We can cater for any level or ability, and have a wide range of teaching methods and drills to help our tumblers reach their goals.